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Dan is an absolute treasure... He is a legitamate first-class guy, a man of honor. If you are not satisfied for some reason, he'll make it right.

Irving I. 
Antique Table Collector

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    Robyn Branch

    Robyn Branch Design

    "Billiards by Brandt has literally become my 'go-to' for all things billiards and game room related. My clients cherish their leisure time and Dan cherishes my clients. Not only is he the consummate professional, he is an expert of the highest caliber in his field. From restoration of valuable antique tables to the sleek look of a modern table, Dan has the expertise to make it happen. The options for function as well as fun are fantastic! I love the beautiful wooden top he added for one of my clients to make more space for entertaining when not in use. Selection is easy with his guidance and expertise. Everything is available to accompany the table and Billiards by Brandt continues to care for the table for decades to come. I am sold. I will never leave this valuable resource and trusted expert. I now consider Billiards by Brandt my professional leg up! I am an expert with the help of Billiards by Brandt!"

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    Peter Corsell

    Entrepreneur and Private Investor

    "Dan's expertise is extraordinary. He is truly a craftsman from a bygone era. When it comes to customer service, Dan takes a consultative approach that is just spectacular. For example, two years after purchasing a modern table from Dan, I decided that I would prefer to own an antique table. Dan offered to buy the modern table at full price in exchange for a credit towards my future purchase of an antique. Dan is simply terrific."

Dan Brandt



*On new table purchases we provide a one year, one time, no cost service call*

Layout Services
We provide CAD room layout services with floor plan drawings at no cost to all clients and potential clients.
Maintenance + Service
Our professionals will check the level, reposition the table, recover the table and even touch up the table finish.
Moving + Handling
We are experts at safely moving billiard tables. Small elevator? We use the top of elevator cabs.
Safe Storage
We store tables for clients who are remodeling, have had a flood or fire, or just need to use the space for another event.
Event Rentals
Our tables can be rented for use in all types of corporate gatherings, film/tv production to product promotion.
Other Services
Professional Recovery- Disassembly- New Pockets- Pocket Recovery


Under the direction of master craftsman Dan Brandt, the Billiards by Brandt professionals tailor their service by listening to your unique needs. We will do what’s right for you, whether it’s restoring a family heirloom, locating and refurbishing a specific table or manufacturing a table of your liking. In addition, our team takes pride in explaining your table’s special history, construction, materials - its attributes or pedigree, with the goal of increasing your appreciation for the piece. Billiards by Brandt works with designers, architects and developers to incorporate their design elements and meet their overall conceptual design.
Dan Brandt’s passion is rooted in his personal experience in the family billiard business, as well as appreciation for the significant historical role of the beloved international game. Dan’s careful craftsmanship is guided by his extensive knowledge of table design. 

Get your FREE customized CAD room layout with floor plan drawings.

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